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Definition ‘THE BUSINESS” means TINY TEEPEE LIMITED (trading as JOY CO). The person who books the equipment warrants that they are either the Hirer or have the authority of the Hirer to book the equipment. “THE EQUIPMENT” means goods hired as they appear on the booking agreement. “THE AGREEMENT” means the Booking Form/Hire Agreement between the Business and the Hirer of the equipment.

Agreement – The Hirer, by placing an order via email or telephone, agrees that they accept the conditions of the hiring agreement. The Business will retain a booking form and signed terms and conditions agreement, which the Hirer will then be supplied an invoice as confirmation of their booking. If the agreement is not signed by the Hirer this does NOT forfeit the agreement.

Hiring Charges – The hiring charges are for the agreed period. If the equipment is unavailable for pick up or return, JOY CO. reserves the right to charge the Hirer for extra time as per the 24 hour rate. Postponement, If the Hirer chooses to postpone the hire of the equipment, cancellation charges will apply. See below.

Cancellation – If the Hirer cancels the booking, the Business reserves the right to charge the following. Outside 30 days of booking date $20.00 processing fee. 14-30 days of delivery date 25% of the invoice amount. 14 to 7 days from delivery date 50% of invoice amount 1 to 7 days from delivery date 100% of the invoice amount. The Delivery date is usually the day of the function / booked date, unless otherwise specified.

Payment –  Bookings are paid either 100% upfront or with a $100 deposit and confirmed once booking form is received and JOY CO. has invoiced the hirer. Unless prior arrangement has been made. The balance is required 14days (weeks) prior to the date of the booking. The Business reserves the right to withhold delivery if full payment has not been received prior to delivery. An extra delivery charge may apply if the Business needs to reschedule the delivery or return to the premises once delivery has taken place. Payment options include credit card payment online or electronic bank account transfer.

Delivery and Pickup – Delivery charges are quoted upon request and are an extra charge on top of the hiring fee. Quoted charges are for the delivery suburb.

Set up times will be from 1pm – 4pm and you will be allocated a 2 hour window for arrival.  Pickup times will be between 10-1pm. Sunday pickups will start from 2pm. Alternate times can be discussed on request and subject to availability.

Receipt of Delivery – The Hirer is responsible for being present to accept delivery of the equipment. A fully refundable security bond of $150 (Cash) is payable at the time of delivery. The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage incurred if He / She arranges equipment to be delivered without being present or without an authorised agent present i.e. The Hirer is responsible for losses or damage resulting from equipment being delivered to an unattended premises or location as requested by the Hirer.

Positioning/Setting up of Equipment. – The Hirer is responsible for indicating clearly the location of the assembly or dismantling of the equipment. The Business will take every care, but shall not be liable for any damage to the site, site access, furniture or personal belongings.

Our individual JOY CO.s need 2.2m depth and 1 meter width to be setup correctly.  The required space for each of the following packages is as follows:

Party of 3

Single Line Setup: 2.2m depth x 3.6m length

Teepee camp setup: 5m depth x 4m length

Party of 5

Single Line Setup: 2.2m depth x 6.5m length

Teepee camp setup: 5m depth x5 m length

Party of 7

Single Line Setup: 2.2m depth x 8.8m length

Teepee camp setup: 5m depth x 6m length

Party of 10

Single Line Setup: 2.2m depth x 13m length

Teepee camp setup: 5m depth x 6.2m length

For the children’s safety and the stable use of our equipment please ensure the room is cleared for the appropriate dimensions before we arrive to setup the space.  If the required space is not available and we are not able to set up the equipment securely we will not be liable for equipment instability or collapses.

It is NOT recommended to set up in a room with wooden, concrete or smooth floors as the teepees are subject to increased vulnerability when knocked and can lead to collapse or slippage.

All floor areas must be clean from dirt and dust before setup commences.

Use of Equipment –The Hirer is responsible for checking the quantity of hired items against the invoice/agreement upon delivery and should contact the branch owner immediately to advise of any discrepancy or damage discovered. Advice after the function will not be considered as advice and the Hirer will be, liable for any loss or damage to the Equipment. Damage to Hire equipment during use is the responsibility of the Hirer and the Hirer agrees that repair or replacement charges for damaged equipment will be actioned after the hire date. If at any time during the hire period the Hirer considers the equipment to be faulty, it is the Hirers responsibility to contact JOY CO. by telephone to report the problem. The Business reserves the right to repair or replace the faulty equipment as soon as practicable during the hire period to the reasonable satisfaction of the Hirer. The Hirer should not attempt to repair the Equipment without prior consent of the Business. Call out charges, relative to the time of day, will be due and payable if the equipment is found not to be faulty as claimed by the Hirer. The business will not be liable for any loss, damage or expenditure incurred by the Hirer due to faulty Equipment for any reason whatsoever.

Pets. Strictly NO PETS are permitted on any JOY CO. hire property. If the party is to be setup in the room where pets have been present please ensure the room has been treated for flees and all animal fur vacuumed before setup. Extra costs may be incurred if the bedding or cushions, when collected, contains traces of fur or flees.

Cleaning. A cleaning charge will be applied to all equipment returned dirty $25 per piece of equipment. This will apply to all hire equipment. Linen does not need to be washed, however if they are returned stained or excessively dirty a cleaning fee will apply. All hire equipment; linen and bed sheets need to be returned dry.

No eating or drinking in the teepees is allowed.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to take duty of care and always supervise children with hire equipment. Diligence must be taken with younger children on the Hirer’s premises as JOY CO. hire equipment is not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

Insurance. Insurance is the Hirer’s responsibility during the hire period. The Hirer is responsible for the security of the equipment at all times during the Hire period. Any lost, broken, damaged or destroyed equipment will be charged to the Hirer at full replacement value.

Liability to Third Parties. The Business will not be liable for any claim for personal injury, death, loss or damage to the property however caused unless it is proved that such injury was caused by faulty material, workmanship or negligence on the part of the Business. The Businesses decision is final in all matters relating to these Terms & Conditions of Hire.


A.  Entries must be received within the timeframe specified.

B.  We will determine the winner(s) at our sole discretion.

C.  We will attempt to notify winner(s). If the Competition is run via a social media channel, we will attempt to notify the winner(s) by a message or comment on the social media channel concerned. If we are unable to reach the winner(s) within 7 days, we reserve the right to nominate a new winner.

D.  By entering a Competition, entrants: i. grant JOY CO. permission to use their name(s) and hometown in winner announcement posts and/or notifications, as well as the unrestricted right to use (anywhere in the world and in any medium) any images submitted by entrants as part of the Competition; and ii. agree that JOY CO. will not be liable in any way whatsoever, in relation to the use of their name, social media profile and/or any images submitted as part of the Competition.

E.  Any prizes offered as part of a Competition will be as described by JOY CO.. Prizes are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash. Taxes on any prizes are the responsibility of the winner.  In the event that the prize specified in the Competition becomes unavailable for any reason, we will substitute a prize of similar value. Winners receive prizes entirely at their own risk.

F.  By entering a Competition, entrants acknowledge that the Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, any social media platform (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest).

G. JOY CO. reserves the right to amend, vary, extend or discontinue a Competition at any stage, for any reason.

H.  Employees of, and contractors to, JOY CO. are not eligible to enter Competitions or win prizes; they will be disqualified.

I.   Entry to a Competition is only open to New Zealand residents aged 18 years or over.

J. A fully refundable security bond of $150 (cash) is also payable on the day of the party when we drop off and set up, which will be refunded when we pick up as long as the hired equipment is returned undamaged.

K.  To the full extent permitted by the law, JOY CO. will not be liable for any injury, damages, expenses, or loss whatsover (whether direct or indirect) to persons or property as a result of any person entering into the Competition or accepting or using any prize, including without limitation non-receipt of any prize or damage to any prize in transit.

L.  By entering a Competition, all entrants are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all competitions and promotions run by us, or on our behalf, including those undertaken via any social media channel (each a Competition). These terms do not apply, and we accept no responsibility for, competitions and promotions run by or on behalf of any party other than JOY CO. (regardless of whether our products are part of the competition or promotion).