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Popular Party Themes for Adults (By Decade)

Need not just a great but a FUN party themes for adults that people will actually want to attend? We’ve brought together 5 nostalgic adult party themes celebrating the best of five different decades of the 20th century. Whether or not you remember those decades, these party flashbacks will at least let you and your friends enjoy them in style.

Greatest Generation — 1940s

Admit it: you really like the 1940s costumes in Outlander and all those WWII-era BBC TV shows. So why not step back in time to the Greatest Generation? Setting the mood for this adult party theme with period music isn’t a problem—just check out iTunes and Amazon for music that really gets you into the swing of things. Food and drink should include rationed items (bacon, cheese, tea) and black market items (coffee, alcohol, chocolates). Encourage female guests to come as Rosie the Riveter, or wear pencil skirts paired with waist-length.


sweaters or high-buttoned blazers with wide shoulders. Don’t forget the rich red lipstick and victory hair rolls! Men can wear baggy suits or newsboy caps with a white button up and brown or olive wool trousers. For added authenticity, interrupt the music every so often with “live” radio newsflashes about WWII events. You can find these on YouTube.



Happy Days — 1950s

It’s a time of poodle skirts, letterman cardigans, and leather jackets. It’s the 1950s and this adult party theme is all about good, clean fun. Transform your space into a sock hop or 50s diner where all the big cool kids can hang out. Decorate with 45” records, gumball machines, posters of Elvis and James Dean, and a cardboard jukebox (unless you have a real one). Serve Coca-Cola in glass bottles with straws and French fries in parfait glasses. Don’t forget to have a dance-off à la Grease!

Sensational 1960s

If there’s any decade that reflects variety, it’s the 1960s. But we’ve chosen a Breakfast At Tiffany’s adult party theme to get this party started. It’s perfect for a hen party or ladies’ brunch because it’s all about style and glamour. Think little black dresses, turquoise accents, and lots of bling. Serve the menu on metallic dinnerware, and don’t forget the chilled champagne and hors d’oeuvres! It’s a chance to spend a few hours indulging in delicacies and feeling gorgeous.

Boho 70s


Boho fashions are trending this spring so why not get into costume at your own Boho 70s party? Floral maxi dresses and floppy sun hats are easy to find. But how to decorate on trend? Make liberal use of crocheted shawls and blankets, bead curtains, macrame plant holders or wall hangings, feathers, and warm, neutral tones. Think free-spirited nature and you’ve got it.


Make your boho party even easier to host. Check out Tiny Teepee’s Boho-themed party packages. We set it up and take it down for you, or you can opt for our DIY service. Just add the food and you’re ready to impress your guests. Click here for more details.


Totally Awesome 80s

Get ready for a radical time warp   back to the 1980s. It was a decade of big shoulder pads, baggy sweaters, neon colours, and enough hairspray to destroy the ozone. (Which it didn’t.) Have guests bring a photo of themselves from the 80s to post on a board for a guessing game. Provide a dry erase board and neon markers for guests to scribble their fav 80s memories. Deck the walls with posters of 80s movies and bands. Serve nachos and pizza, those old standbys that never get old. Make sure there’s plenty of room to dance, because the 80s had a fantastic variety of dance music whether you listened to R&B, British Invasion, or Hard Rock. For an adult party theme they’ll never forget, the 80s is, like, totally awesome!

For a unique twist, focus the party on one movie from the 80s, such as The Breakfast Club, and have guests choose a character to dress as. Give prizes for the best Claire, Allison, Brian, Andy, and Bender. Or try Back to the Future, The Goonies, or other fav flick.


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