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Pinterest’s 5 Most Popular Birthday Party Themes

It’s a already half way through the year and that means 6 months of new and unique ideas for popular birthday party themes your kids will never forget.

We’ve checked out Pinterest (how did we ever live with it?) for the 5 most popular birthday party themes to inspire you.

Superhero Celebration

#1 on the most popular Pinterest birthday parties is a superhero party. It’s super easy to throw because there’s no lack of party supplies and printable decor downloads available. As for games, let partygoers test their superpowers with games of skill and feed their super appetites with trays such as Captain America’s shield (made from strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries or blue M&Ms) and Thor’s Hammer (cheese blocks on a pretzel stick).


Sea Soiree

#2—The ocean’s making a crashing comeback! Shells, fish, anchors, ship’s wheels, boats, lighthouses, and more will make a big splash at what’s sure to be the most popular Pinterest-inspired birthday party on the block. Best of all, a sea theme so versatile, you can host a festival of mermaids, then simply switch up a few items and you’ve got a shark shindig. Make a kiddie pool a whirlpool of fun by filling it with water for boating and fishing games, or with sand for a hunt for buried treasure.


Adopt-A-Pet Party

#3—Another most popular Pinterest birthday party theme is Adopt-A-Pet. Turn an individual birthday party into a birthday party for all by giving guests plush toys pets to “adopt” with printable adoption certificates. Provide a selection of dogs, cats or both, or a variety wild animals. For activities, try animal face painting and eating ice cream sundaes out of pet food bowls—no hands allowed!


Lego Day

#4—Build like a boss! Host a Lego party at your local brick store or turn your own kitchen table into LegoLand for an afternoon. You can purchase bulk bricks on eBay and print off directions for easy items to build, or let those master builders make their own creations to take home as party favors. It’s not just one of the most popular Pinterest birthday party ideas; it’s a hands-on, dexterity-building, imagination-stretching few hours of fun!


Boho Birthday Bash

#5—Last but not least on the top 5 most popular Pinterest birthday party ideas list is a Boho theme. Boho isn’t just for grown-ups. A boho birthday party is wildly chic when partygoers wear their favorite sundresses or tutus. You provide flowered, feathered, and beribboned garland crowns or simple headbands as party keepsakes, or have them make their own.

Tiny Teepee makes your boho dreams come true with our  Grand Boho Teepee. We deliver and set everything up for you so that your kids can have a memorable garden party or sleepover experience.

Our Grand Boho Teepee includes:

  • 1x 9ft tall Mega Teepee with lace cover
  • 1x Floral teepee crown & vines
  • Cushions
  • Lanterns & rugs
  • overnight hire
  • + more depending on your package

What could be more convenient?

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