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Party Game Ideas for Kids With Disabilities

So your kid has physical disabilities or a friend with disabilities—what birthday party games can you play that includes everyone in the fun AND don’t require extra party supplies? Here are 3 party game ideas for kids with disabilities which will help make the party hilarious and memorable:

1. Dance Battle

Divide the group into teams and have a dance battle! Each side takes turns with each kid showing off her best moves. Kids in wheelchairs or using walkers can still shake it with the best of ’em with her teammates cheering her on.

2. Dress Up

You can play dress up without having to stand up. Provide a large box of old clothes, hats and accessories and let the kids come up with their own wild styles. If needed, pair the child with disabilities with a peer volunteer to help her maneuver. Present awards to the Most Glam, Wackiest, or whatever you can think of. Thrift stores are an inexpensive source for dress up items.

3. Newsflash

Remember “Newsflash” on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

You can recreate the hilarity in your living room. A ‘news reporter’ sits/stands in front of the TV (no sound on) and has to guess what’s happening on the screen behind her by answering questions the others ask her (without saying what’s happening or who’s on screen or where the action takes place). You can play music clips from Disney films…

…funny cat videos, Jurassic chaos

. . . just keep it clean and have plenty of videos to fall back on in case they guess them quickly!


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