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Awesome Party Games For Kids

So your kid’s having a party—what do you have planned for the wee ones? Here are our Top 5 sleepover birthday party games that don’t make a mess or cost much for extra party supplies.

  • M.A.S.H.

    Go old school with a girl party game that forecasts the future! Each girl fills out the form of their top 4 favs (or dislikes for the more daring) in 8 categories. Once filled out, they start making dots in the center of the page until you say to stop. They count the number of dots. Using that number, they count through their list (and the title), crossing off every nth item (their number of dots) until only one uncross item is on each list, revealing who the girl will marry, what job she’ll have, etc. Each girl then reads aloud her results. BTW, M.A.S.H. means mansion, apartment, shack, house.

M.A.S.H | Kids Party Games Recommended by Tiny Teepee


  • Scavenger Hunt

    Divide the group into teams and let them loose with this list. First team to find everything on the list gets a prize.

Scavenger Hunt | Kids Party Games Recommended by Tiny Teepee


  • Black Ops

    More than likely, the kids at your party will have their own phones. Put them to use with this high-tech version of Hide-N-Seek.

Black Ops | Kids Party Games Recommended by Tiny Teepee


  • Toilet Paper/Tape Princess Gown or Super-heroine outfit

    You’ve probably played this game at a wedding shower, so you know how it goes. Divide the group into teams and have them design a princess gown or super-heroine outfit using a roll of toilet paper and blue painter’s tape (you know, the not-too-sticky kind) within 10 minutes.


  • Water Balloon Volleyball

    A great outdoor game on hot days! Each team holds the corners & sides of an old sheet to toss a water balloon over a net (a rope strung across a space does just as well). Whoever gets hit by a balloon has to leave the team. Play until a certain score is reached or no one is left on a team.


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