Our Philosophy of Joy

Tiny Teepee was founded from a passion for living a life full of joy and empowering others to create those precious family moments to remember forever.

What brings you joy?

That first coffee of the day, walking the dog, mastering a new yoga move?

For us it’s creating those intimate, magical moments that last a lifetime. The experience that you’ll never forget. It’s turning the mundane into the sublime. It’s creating magical kingdoms in your garden and transforming your bedroom into a faraway land.

It’s creating the perfect mood for romance, or a quiet place to relax and escape. It’s about honouring that family comes in all shapes and sizes and craft tables at weddings or face painting at garden parties. It’s laughing at bubbles whether they’re in a glass or in the air.

It’s about bringing families together. It’s reuniting friends. It’s about turning the ‘every-day’ into your special day. It’s about squeals of excitement. The smiles. The hugs. The love.

This is our philosophy of joy.